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학술 작문 및 논문 출판 개념에 대한 포괄적인 이러닝 프로그램

Dr. Roger Watson

Structure of a Review Article: Title to Conclusion (English)

Reviews are considered an important component of academic journals and, indeed, some journals are dedicated to publishing review articles. This module focuses on writing review articles for international peer-reviewed journals.

Ms. Jenny Delasalle

References & Citations (English)

In this course, we will discuss some key aspects that researchers need to be aware of to ensure that the content is appropriately referenced for publication in international journals and reference management tools like EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero.

Ms. Louise Russell

Choosing the Best Journal (English)

A common mistake that researchers make is submitting manuscripts to journals that are unlikely to publish their work. In this course, we focus on the key selection criteria that researchers should follow for journal selection, in addition to the IF.

Dr. Nello Spiteri

Understanding the Scholarly Publishing Process (English)

In this course, we will share some insights about the actual background of the scholarly publishing process. We will share some details about the different classifications of publishers, journals, and how the process has evolved in the last decade.

Dr. Christopher Ferguson

Research Funding and Writing Grant Applications (English)

This course is for first-time/early-stage researchers who are unaware of the grant application process. We will share details on what funders examine in grant applications, the structure of applications, & overcoming rejection of applications.

Dr. Fiona Murphy

Submitting to a Journal - What Should the Author Know? (English)

In this module, we cover the important points that should be considered when submitting articles to journals. We will focus on authorship criteria, issues related to conflict of interest, and manuscript submissions systems used by popular publishers.