Course Description

After successfully publishing your research in an international journal, it is important that researchers also ensure that the research paper is effectively promoted within the academic community. This is important for not only developing future collaborations but also for increasing the impact of your study at a larger scale. This practice also helps universities, grant agencies, funders, and academic societies gauge the impact of specific research and actively reward novel achievements.

So, to attract possible collaborators, talented researchers/students, and grants, promoting research is very important. By attempting this course, researchers will get to have an idea of how published research is being monitored and tracked by various organizations. Moreover, researchers will also get to understand the key aspects of maintaining a well-established research profile and how it can be beneficial for them in the long term.

In this course, we will be focusing on the following aspects:

  • Importance of promoting research
  • Benefits for researchers, universities, and publishers
  • Building visibility of your research
    • How to maintain online profiles
    • Engaging in scholarly communication networks
    • How to measure the impact of research promotion
  • Importance of ORCID IDs
  • Best mechanisms of sharing your research

At the end of the course, researchers will have better awareness of how they can improve their visibility within the academic community. Moreover, for ESL researchers, this course will help them understand how they can overcome the language barrier and make their research visible to a global audience.

ex-COO, Ingenta, and ex-General Manager, Kudos

Ms. Louise Russell

With more than 15 years experience in publishing, Ms. Russell has played the crucial role as  the ex-SVP, Scholarly Division at Ingenta. Whilst at Ingenta, she was also instrumental in developing platforms such as the Ingenta Connect and pub2web. As an (ex-) General Manager at Kudos, she was part of the core team that launched the platform in 2013.  She was also the Chair of Professional Development Committee, ALPSP, and consulted for BMJ, F1000, and Kudos.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Marketing Your Work (English)

    • Chapter 1: Promoting Research: Advantage for Authors (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 2: Responsibility for Promoting Research (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 3: Building Visibility of Research - Part 1 (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 4: Building Visibility of Research Part 2 (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 5: Monitoring Progress and Success (Text + Audio)

    • Chapter 6: What More? (Text + Audio)

    • Marketing Your Work - Quiz

Marketing Your Work (English)