Understanding the Scholarly Publishing Process (English)

Increase Awareness of Academic Publishing | 강사 Dr. Nello Spiteri


For any researcher, ensuring the publication of research in a peer-reviewed journal is the ultimate aim for most research projects. Also, publishing your research in journals ensure that the research is visible to other research groups and increases collaborations too.

So, although getting published in an international journal is the key aim for any researcher, most of them are unaware of the actual process of publishing. In this course, we focus on the following aspects: a) introduction to scholarly publishing, ii) journal publishing cycle, iii) how to get published, iv) editorial process followed by journals, v) how scientific research is accessed, and vi) new developments in scholarly publishing.

At the end of the course, early-stage researchers and students will have better understanding of the following concepts:

  1. Expectations of journals and publishers
  2. Overview of the publishing industry
  3. How articles are indexed by publishers
  4. Impact of social media on scholarly publishing
  5. New technologies in scholarly publishing
Dr. Nello  Spiteri
Dr. Nello Spiteri
Ex-Director for Innovation & Business Development, Elsevier

Dr. Nello has been the ex-Publishing Director, Elsevier, and Senior Consultant, Nature Publishing Group. He helped develop additional publishing programs and managed a portfolio of over 100 international health science journals and published around 30 new book titles per year. He was also responsible for strategic planning and geographical expansion of journals in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy for Elsevier. With more than 30 years of publishing experience, he now works as international publishing consultant to scientific, technical and medical publishers as well as professional academic and medical societies.

E-mail: learn@enago.com

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